The Church of God began in 1881 when Daniel S. Warner and several associates felt constrained to forsake all denominational hierarchies and formal creeds, trusting solely in the Holy Spirit as there overseer and the Bible as their statement of belief. These people saw themselves at the forefront of a movement to restore unity and holiness to the church, not to establish another denomination but to promote primary allegiance to Jesus Christ so as to transcend denominational loyalties.

The ministry these men began started at Grand Junction, Michigan. The town today is all but gone, but was an ideal location at the time due to its location on a main train line that ran across Michigan. Brother Warner preached on the grounds and revivals were held in a park that is now a Church of God Youth Camp (Camp Warner). Word of the movement spread through the publication of the Gospel Trumpet. This early medium was used to spread the word of the movement to Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia. Churches were started as women and men passed out copies of the Gospel Trumpet.

As the Church of God grew, Daniel Warner moved south to Anderson, Indiana, and eventually the general offices of the Church were established there. Today, Anderson is home to the general offices of the Church of God, Warner Press, the printing company of the Church of God, and Anderson University, one of many colleges affiliated with the Church of God.

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