Pastor Annie Lee Fisher, the youngest daughter of the late Minister Robert Fisher, Sr. and Sister Willie Mae McClendon Fisher, was born in Tallahassee, Florida, February 14, 1947. The other siblings are sister Daisy Fisher Williams of Tallahassee, Florida and Bother Robert Fisher, Jr. of Stuart, Florida.

Sister Annie's early education was obtained in the public school system of Tallahassee. She matriculated at Florida A&M University, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Nutrition in 1967. Her most recent scholastic achievement was the earning of a Masters of Biblical Studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2003.

Pastor Taylor claims not only her biological parents as family, but her "tutorial mothers", who provided warmth, love and guidance to her development. Mrs Annie B. Nelson, Mrs. Juanita Johnson, Mrs. Dorothy Wells and her life-long mentor, Dr. Carriemae Garnes Marquess. Fresh out of college, she married her childhood sweetheart, Brother Clifford Theodore Taylor. The Taylors are proud parents of six children: Clifford II, Tiffany (husband Vernon), Brett, Patrick, Ashanti and LeQuesha. Brother and Sister Taylor have only two grandchildren, Trevor and Jaylen.

Sister Taylor's professional life has been extensive, varied and noteworthy. She has practiced as a registered dietitian in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland and the District of Columbia. In the Bronx, at Morrisinia and Lebanon hospitals, in Miami at Jackson Memoriual, in Bethesda at Sibly Hospital in Springfield, at the Municiple Hospital Center in Washington, DC. at the National Lutheran Home and finally here in Tallahassee at Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center. Her duties have ranged from Assistant Dietitian, Director of Food Service, Therapeutic Dietitian, Chief Dietitian; ect, all involving the nutritional welfare of children, adults and especially the elderly. After serving in the food service areas for many years, it was because of her great love for children that she

went private in Springfield Massachusetts, owning and operating a Family Day Care Center. All leads have turned home where she and her husband are the successful owners and operators of Little Folks Haven, an approved academic pre-school center.. Sister Annie came back home to the Tallahassee Church of God in which she was reared and saved.

Though the pastor's professional activities have been the basis for a lucrative financially secure life, she ernestly sought God's wisdom and guidance as she actively spent years in christian service in the churches in the respective cities in which she lived. She served as teacher in the Sunday School, Vocational Bible Schools, as a member of various church governing boards, worked with women's groups and we know how she loves to sing and she was a member of the various church choirs. She is finally home in the Tallahassee Church of God

Pastor Annie began studying, teaching, praying and preaching shortly after the death of her father, Robert Fisher, who for many years had been the pastor of the tallahassee Church of God. The members of the Church kept praying and asking her to fill in at her church; however, it was several years later after the interim of another pastor, taht she told us that she was ready and felt that God was calling her to do His will. Oh Happy day! She comes to us today with a humble and willing heart to do His will.

It is no secret hat Sister Annie loves her family and friends more importantly, it is no secret that she loves the Lord. She walks with Him, talks with Him and tells others about His greatness. We know that Sister Taylor was selected at birth to serve the Lord. She has been selected to be an apostle. She has been sent on a special mission. She has been selected as a prophet, spokesperson for a cause and helper to others. She has been selected to be our pastor not only to lead a congregation, but also to be our spiritual leader and teacher to love others as God loves us. To know our sister and love her will make a difference in your life.

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